Do You Speak the Future?

Mukhtar O. Mukhlis is a 14-year-old KES boy, an author, social media influencer, and passionate linguist. Language has always been a love of his. His appetite for linguistics has grown immeasurably over the years, which in turn has influenced his penchant for constructing his own languages. He is devoted to opening the eyes of other people to the wonders that linguistics can weave, and he believes that if even the most uninterested person looks close enough, they’ll see just how much of a core study linguistics is.

How do we predict the changes that language will undergo? What control do we have over the way we speak? And what can the Klingons of Star Trek tell us about all this? Mukhtar O. Mukhlis delves into the possible answers to these questions and more in a discussion about the drastic changes language has undergone, the drastic changes to come, and how “linguistic fortune-telling” fits in with all that.